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Know what is your brand. You must know what are the features, advantages, and competitors.

You must know your target market, to primary, secondary, and spillover. You must know the age, gender, occupation, and etc.

Make sure to use the right platform for your brand from website to social media to google ads/ banners.

After all the planning and posting this will lead you to make an analytic conclusion for your
digital campaign.

After planning your content make sure to have a budget for your ads. Boosting will help the ads gain viewers/audiences. 

Plan digital content for your brand. Daily posts, stories, videos, and banner ads.


In this modern period, we are now submerged to the world we call the digital world. A world wherein everything is just one click away. People now a days invest their time on phone and gadgets that they consume almost half of their days online. 

Digital presence is essential in this modern world. Being on the first page of the browser is the goal of each brand that circulates this era. Playing with wordplay, google ads, and SEO are ways to giggle the mind of the target market.  As social media races, their presence in this generation begins. The different platforms also level-up and show up their business side. From followers to engagement, to content posts to stories. New gimmick becomes essential for this platform just to become a new drive for this age.

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